Preparing Our Students for Life After School

The way the world conducts business has changed and continues to change so it makes sense that the way we prepare our students for life after school should change. 6 Ways Work Will Change by Jared Lindzon, outlines several potential changes in the business and management world for 2016. For example, businesses are realizing that finding talent for their company is more efficient in the virtual world than it is in the brick-and-mortar world.  Also, businesses continue to adopt a more collaborative approach to the workforce structure with leaders requiring skills in inspiration and collaboration rather than simply being loyal or committed.

If the goal of school is to prepare students for life after school, then schools and teachers need to embrace these changes.  Teachers need to provide the students with the skills necessary to succeed outside of school. The very nature of how the world operates is constantly evolving and thus the way that we teach needs to as well.


One thought on “Preparing Our Students for Life After School

  1. In the blog link to “6 Ways Work WIll Change in 2016,” This passage grabbed my attention: “Tech has eliminated the barriers between work and life, and we’re getting more and more information, news, emails, and conference calls every day, and people can’t deal with it,” says [Josh] Bersin.

    I feel like this is a real and growing concern for schools and families to try to navigate. There is so much information floating all around people that their natural inclination is to simply ignore it! How do we as educators keep our messages from being drowned out by the unrelenting firehose of information that students have pointed at them all the time?

    More frequent small communication?
    Less frequent larger bytes of information?

    I will admit that I don’t read all the e-mails people send me. Not even close. But if someone puts a hand-written note on a piece of paper in my mailbox, I read it every time.

    How do we help prepare students for this life-long sifting and sorting of information? It seems from this article it is a big struggle for employers as they are encouraging work-life balance. What does school-life balance look like for our students?


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