Collaborating With Peers

Social bookmarking is a great way for colleagues in a certain field to stay share ideas and resources with each other.  Whether you are a professional in the business field seeking to make a profit or a teacher seeking the best practices to educate your students, social bookmarking can help. In a world where time is a concern for many adults, social bookmarking can bring all the resources of a group together in a way that can benefit the entire group without each individual spending a great deal of time on their own.

In the field of education, collaboration is a popular topic. Educational trends point to collaboration as a beneficial tool for educating students. In the same way, it benefits teachers by allowing them to share best practices. Unfortunately, many teachers are not given the time to collaborate and thus are not aware of many of the positive things that their peers are doing. School districts should seek out more time within teachers contracts where they can collaborate and building a learning community that will benefit the students in the district.
Many Learning Management Systems which schools are currently utilizing have features built in that easily allow collaboration. If districts provide teachers with in-service time to begin the process of collaborating, then the teachers may see the benefit of the collaboration and continue with their efforts on their own time.  Just like with most people, it is important that teachers see the benefits of an activity before they are expected to embrace it as practice.


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