Utilizing RSS Feeds & Social Media in High School

As a teacher of high school students, one thing that disappoints me is that the students do not seem to be aware of many important topics in society, let alone the topics we are covering in class. It seems hard to be so out of touch when considering most of my students are always on social media. However, they are not interested in reading a current tweet from CNN or other credible news sources. Most of my students use social media to send each other funny videos or watch funny videos others created on Youtube. Finding a way to allow students to continue to use social media but in a constructive way could be very beneficial for a high school classroom.  Having students subscribe to RSS Feeds can get this process started.

In most classes, topics are broken down into units. For each unit, students can search for blogs related to the topic and use an RSS aggregator to subscribe to interesting blogs or sites.  By doing this for each unit, students will be exposed to current topics in the field of study. This can be expanded even further by asking students to share posts that they find interesting on a social media site with some opinion on the post. This is just another way to incorporate technology into the classroom as well as elaborating on current issues in the field of study.


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