Photo Sharing In The Classroom


Photo Courtesy of Flickr user p.Gordon

With a heavy emphasis being placed on project-based learning in education, the ability to share and access photos can be beneficial. In 2016, teachers have many options for sharing and accessing photos, including; Flickr, Photobucket, Instagram, Google Photos and more. Choosing the best option to use in the classroom may depend on the desired goals.

Flickr was one of the first options for teachers looking to have students upload, share, and access photos for their project-based learning tasks. Flickr has seen some ups and downs since it’s inception in 2004 but currently boasts a large library of images that students can use in their projects. Flickr currently finds itself in a battle the Google Photos however with many users opting to utilize Google Photos.

Google Photos offers most of the same features as Flickr but while Flickr has chosen to charge customers for many of the features, Google Photos remains free.  For this reason, Google Photos is emerging as the leading tool for uploading, sharing, and accessing photos. Regardless of what service educators choose, photos can be used for a variety of project-based learning including; portfolios, digital storytelling, mapping, and more. For more information about using images in the classroom, check out 13 Ways to Use Flickr In The Classroom.

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