Connectivism as a Learning Theory

In their blog, Group A argued in favor of connectivism. They stressed how many networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google) today’s students belong to and how those networks can be used to build knowledge. The group also pointed out that there are both individual and collaborative components to connectivism which are reinforced with social media.  I agree with the facts that group A presented but I do not agree that connectivism should be considered as a learning theory.

Is connectivism really different than constructivism?  They both emphasize learning collaboratively. Constructivism was around well before connectivism. In my opinion, connectivism tried to capitalize on the infusion of technology that occurred in the early 2000’s.  Connectivism is not a new theory on how we learn. It is constructivism through technology.

A simple search of the Internet turns up many evaluations of connectivism which were written by grad students.  However, it is very difficult to find scholarly articles supporting connectivism as a learning theory.  Connectivism simply never caught on and was able to be placed besides behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism as a learning theory.


One thought on “Connectivism as a Learning Theory

  1. I agree with your ideas about Connectivism and its relationship to Constructivism. It does seem like the technology added a new lens through which Constructivism could be viewed.

    I also struggled to find a lot of scholarly writing on the subject, especially recently. Usually when a highly debated idea wanes in academics, a new one is looming and growing to take its place. I wonder what new and contentious debates are brewing out there that we could also take a look at that relate to technology in education.


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