The Value of Skype

Skype is a great tool for businesses and distance learning classes. A few years ago, I traveled to Puerto Rico for work for 22 days. At the time, my kids were 1 and 3.  I used Skype daily to talk to my kids. It is nice to see someone that you care about when you are talking to them. It makes conversations feel more personal. Skype is a very effective tool for long-distance communication. Skype is not very relevant to most current teaching practices however.

In most public schools, students must live in the district (i.e. nearby) in order to be enrolled in that school. Therefore, there is not a major need for long-distance communication. Even with online classes in high school, most students are required to attend the school to complete their work.

In distance learning classrooms, Skype can be beneficial tool.  Skype is also beneficial to businesses.  When interviewing an employee from out-of-state, businesses can use Skype to make the interview more personal.  Observing facial expressions during a meeting can be beneficial for many businesses.


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