Google Apps For Education

Google Apps for education is a productivity suite that offers many options for educators. With the Google Apps, students can collaborate, plan, share, and organize content. Google offers the ability to add additional apps in order to meet a variety of needs including video editing, photo editing, and much more. This suite of tools gives teachers many options for educating students.

With an increased emphasis on reading and writing due to standardized testing, the need for a good word processing program has grown. Students can easily write, share, and collaborate on documents using Google Docs, a cloud based tool. Documents can be shared in numerous ways and teachers can control the ways in which they are shared.

Google+ Hangouts is a great tool for online and distance classes. With Google+ Hangouts, students can video conference and easily collaborate on projects.  Learners can connect directly with an expert in the field and observe via video.

Google offers many other tools such as Sheets, Slides, and Sites which allow students to easily create, share, and save work. Students in economics classes can easily utilize a Google Sheet to analyze business productivity or create a presentation for a History or English class using Google Presentations.  For teachers looking to have students keep a portfolio of work, a Google Site can provide the space for students to create their portfolio.


One thought on “Google Apps For Education

  1. Matt,

    I was researching Google Hangouts because there is not much that Google is doing wrong these days and I found several reviews that were not kind. Many were complaining about the poor set up of the user screen. People were confused with the microphone having a slash through it which usually means “Mute” yet it was just the opposite. A user’s contacts cannot be uploaded and found easily and it has no away status so people think you are ignoring them when you are simply busy. These are just two flaws of many. Skype is more popular because of it’s user friendliness. Hangouts has too many bugs that haven’t been worked out yet.



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